South Shore Corporate Park is a 1,000 acre mixed-use project, emphasizing the development of a uniquely compatible community of light industrial, residential, and industrial uses. Adjacent to I-75 and growing south county communities Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Riverview and Sun City Center, the project's industrial component, separated from the project's support residential and industrial uses by the site's natural greenway, Wolf Branch Creek, is ideally situated to accommodate distribution and light indutrial/high tech users in need of either large or small pre-approved development sites, efficient access, and public facilities. With a total of 6,010,200 square feet of light industrial at build out, the South Shore Corporate Park is expected to be a primary employment center for the south county area -- a facility to draw workers, residents, and service industries to the area. South Shore Corporate Park is uniquely designed to provide training and employment opportunities through the high school and college educational uses on-site. Residential development within the project provides housing opportunities not only for employees of the Park but neighboring areas as well.

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The South Shore site plan utilizes environmental amenities such as Wolf Branch Creek to create a natural buffer between the employment center and the residential support community. The internal roadway system connects residential and employment center areas to a major focal point - the project's community college and high school. This 'educational center' is expected to not only serve the employees and families of the development, but also serve the adjacent communities of Ruskin, Apollo Beach, Riverview and Sun City Center.

The residential community within South Shore Corporate Park will be the home of 1,900 townhomes and single family residences, located within development pods surrounding the educational center and accessing both S.R. 674 and 19th Avenue. In addition, a total of 249,000 square feet of commercial uses and 413,800 square feet of office are expected to provide support and complimentary uses within South Shore Corporate Park. A 4-acre hotel/motel site is also proposed in the southeast corner of the project, adjacent to S.R. 674 and I-75.

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Project Access and Relationship to Existing Road Network
Primary access for South Shore Corporate Park will be I-75 via S.R. 674, through existing north-south roads and rights-of-way. An extension of the north-south 24th Street right-of-way will serve as the main project entrance
. Additional access points from S.R. 674 will be 30th Street to the east, 21st and 27th Streets to the west. Access to the site is enhanced because of the proximity of the I-75/S.R. 674 interchange immediately to the east.

In addition to the primary access of S.R. 674, secondary access via 19th Avenue to the north is also proposed. 19th Avenue and S.R. 674 are major arterials providing additional access to Sun City/U.S. 301 to the east and Ruskin/U.S. 41 to the west. Three primary access points are proposed for 19th Avenue, one east of Wolf Branch Creek and two to the west.

  Phasing and Development Schedule
The table shown above provides the development phasing schedule for South Shore Corporate Park. Phase 1 is expected to extend to 2008. Total project buildout is expected by 2012. A trade-off mechanism provides for limited exchange of land use entitlements.

The project has received approval of a PDMU zoning and Development of Regional Impact (DRI) development order.

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